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DIY With Magnolia Design Co. – Did you know…it’s SO easy?

Have you ever wondered how people get flawless DIY projects? How do they always have the time and energy to start AND finish a project? I often wondered that myself…between cooking, cleaning, laundry….I was lucky if I got a project half finished in a couple days. When I discovered chalk paste and silk screen stencils, I instantly needed to get my hands on the product! I patiently waited for my starter kit and fell in love the first time I peeled back my stencil…totally in awe of how easy, fast, and beautiful the design turned out!

I’m including the photo of my starter kit, it came with all sorts of goodies!

A variety of reusable Silk screen stencils

Chalk paste colors

Ink color

Stencil cleaner


AND a magnetic reusable rustic framed chalkboard

All for only $69! That’s IT! And then I had access to my 35% off creator discount as soon as I clicked join! 💚

The beauty is in the creator! I’d love to introduce you to this wonderful new world of crafting products!

Sweet DIY Magnolia Sign Made With Chalk Paste!

I love the intricate details in our silk screens. I know this video is sped up, BUT let me tell you! The actual video was only 3 minutes long from START to FINISH.

Guys, THREE minutes, that’s all this cute little sign took to make. I can make projects in a matter of minutes…between cooking dinner, cleaning the bathroom, and whatever else it is I have to do during the day!

If you’d like more information, drop a comment and I’ll be in touch! 💚

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